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Grey was still tired when he woke up, so he opted against getting out of bed right away. Rolling around a bit but not falling back asleep, he found his mind beginning to wander.

Juvia is completely naked and her hands are restrained above her head she is alone in a dark room and her arms are pushing her tits together

Grey lightly runs his fingers down his chest, stopping briefly at each nipple, brushing his fingertips across his abs until he reaches the patch of coarse dark hair between his legs. Continuing to build the fantasy in his head, his eyes remain closed and he begins to trace his other hand down his body as well.

I walk into the room and unhook Juvia from the wall but her hands are still restrained and she starts begging me to put my cock in her mouth her face is all red and her lips are pouty

Grey moves his hands down his body further and teasingly drags his fingers along the length of thickening cock which is beginning to twitch against his stomach. Wet drops of precum are beginning to form at his tip.

She puts her lips on my cock and tries to take the whole thing in I start fucking her mouth and she does the thing where she moans while she’s doing it and it makes my cock vibrate

Finally letting himself squeeze his own cock, Grey slowly starts moving his hand up and down his shaft. He brings his other hand to his mouth and sucks on his fingers. With his wet hand he starts rubbing the tip of his dick, mixing his saliva with the precum, and continues to pump his hand over his entire length.

Juvia starts saying ‘please Grey fuck me I’m so wet and horny for you I want you to fill me with your amazingly huge cock’ I tell her if she wants it she has to come and get it then she stands up in front of me and bends over and grabs her toes I start fucking her and she’s wet and tight and she loves it

Grey lets go of the tip of his cock and grips the covers on the bed beside him. Reaching over to bedside table, he squirts lotion in his hand and makes an ‘O’ shape with his fingers, placing it at the tip of his cock. Grey pushes his cock through his fingers, covering himself in the cold lotion, then grasps himself tightly with his entire hand and jerks himself harder.

Juvia’s ass jiggles in front of me and I keep pounding her she’s so tight and wet on my dick and she keeps telling me to fuck her deeper and saying how big my cock is

Grey is fucking himself hard, lifting his ass off the bed to meet his hand, clenching his toes and his fist on his bed. His eyes are still closed, and his body tenses as he starts to moan out loud.

I am fucking Juvia as hard as I can and she says ‘fuck me harder Grey your cock is so thick and big’ then I’m back against the wall and she is using my dick to get herself off and she’s in total control she says ‘please will you fill me up with your cum Grey’ and I want to

“Nnnnnng! Mmmmmm! Fuck yes, oh god Juvia. Yes! Fuck! Mmmm yes Juvia!”

Greys cock explodes and he continues to glide his hand up and down his length, cumming in his hand and finishing himself off using his own cum as lubrication.


Grey sat up in bed and went to clean the sleep out of his eyes, accidentally touching his face with his cum hand.

Eeeehhhhhhggg, gross.”

While in the shower, Grey worried about what it meant that he was thinking about Juvia while he took care of himself that morning. For fuck sakes man, get yourself together. You can have her whenever you want, what the hell are you doing this for. Are you trying to get hurt again?


Natsu and grey had similar mornings, although their thoughts upon finishing were very different.

I can’t do this anymore. I have to say something. If she turns me down, and let’s face she probably will, at least I’ll be able to stop thinking about it.

“What do you think Happy, should I go for it?”

Yawning, Happy barely even tried to open his eyes.

“Huh? Oh yeah, umm sure. Aye sir, or whatever…”

Happy had already fallen back to sleep, but that answer was good enough for Natsu.


Lucy and Natsu had similar mornings, and their thoughts upon finishing were incredibly similar.

If I keep doing this, I’m going to drive myself crazy. If Natsu doesn’t feel the same way, and there’s no way he does, at least I can start trying to move on. Just like Mira said.

Lucy didn’t know how Mira was able to understand her feelings so well, but the explanation was good enough for her.


Natsu got to fairy tail before Lucy did. He may have finally made up his mind to say something to Lucy, but he could use a pep talk, or at least a fight, with one of the guys to psych himself up before went through with it. Looking around for Gajeel and not seeing him, Natsu tried to find maybe Macao and Wakaba, or even Grey, but it seemed like he would have to settle for Laxus.


Lucy spent a long time getting dressed. She planned a big dramatic entrance, like something from a romance novel. She left her house with more confidence then ever, but it turned to anxiety the closer she got to the guild. Once she reached the door, Lucy had to take a moment to compose herself. When she was ready, she reached out her hand to the door and it swung open in front of her.


They both stopped for a moment in shock and looked at each other. With completely different looks on their faces, they both spoke at the exact same time.

“Natsu I need to t-”

“Fuck you Lucy.”

When Natsu let go of the door and stormed away, Lucy could see Laxus through the crack as it slowly slammed shut in front of her. She didn’t know for sure if Laxus was laughing, but his deep chuckle ran through her head anyways.


Natsu walked past his house. If his head, his hands- hell- even his eyes weren’t on fire he might cry.

Lucy didn’t owe him anything.

He shouldn’t have said that to her…

But what Laxus said wouldn’t stop playing over and over and over again in his head.


Hey Laxus. Umm… I definitely want to fight you and all that but just before I kick your ass, I was just wondering if maybe you could tell me that’s it not a totally retarded idea to tell Lucy I uh, want to, you know. Be with her…”

Ahhhahahaha. Did your balls finally drop Natsu? Geez. I’m not your hype man kid.”

Natsu knew he should have gone to Laxus with the fight idea first, then the talking.

Damn man, don’t look so nervous! Chicks love confidence, hahaha. You’ll be fine. Lucy is -clearly- into you.”

Wow, really? I mean you’re still a total dick but do you actually mean that?”

Oh yeah. Trust me little dude. I never lie.”

Satisfied, and fired up, Natsu started getting up to leave, but Laxus stopped him, having one last thing to say.

Oh, but when you manage to get her suck your dick Natsu…”

Laxus looked Natsu in the eyes and smiled.

Make sure you come back here and thank me for teaching her how to do it. Hahahahaha.”


Natsu didn’t really remember what happened between that, telling Lucy off, and ending up in front of Lisanna’s house, but before he knew it, she was inviting him inside and the fire in his heart hadn’t died down one bit.

NEXT CHAPTER: If Not You, Then Who?
Everyone deals with heartbreak in their own way…


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