by sunny b.

¬©Fairy Tail and all of it’s characters belong to Hiro Mashima.
Main Image by: colored-sky on DeviantArt.

THE TAILS OF THE FAIRIES is a complete lemon (that means XXX SEXY TIMES) fanfiction based characters from the popular anime Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima. It features very strong sexual themes and is created strictly for people OVER THE AGE OF 18.

Themes include but are not limited to: masturbation, oral sex, straight and homosexual sex/relationships, rough sex and coercion, romantic love, alcohol, strong and suggestive language, and bad grammar.

Pairings include but are not strictly limited to: NALU (Natsu x Lucy), GAJEVY (Gajeel x Levy), GRUVIA (Grey x Juvia), MIRAXUS (Mira Jane x Laxus) and others. This story will NOT include Wendy.

If I change anything about the timeline, setting, or characters I will let you know in the story. Since there won’t actually be much ‘story’ involved (detailed descriptions of missions/action/scenes that aren’t lemon) it won’t usually matter anyways.

I don’t know how often I will update, but I have quite a few chapters planned right now with no real end in sight. The best part about this just being a gratuitous lemon is that it doesn’t ever really need to end.


There will probably be some things in this story that you will hate, and some things you will love. If you are offended by any of themes involved, you probably should have just read this page first and seen that it would come up. My suggestion- discontinue reading or skip to a chapter that isn’t tagged with something you don’t want to read.

Any images you find on the site will have a link to the artist’s DeviantArt page. GO SHOW THOSE PEOPLE SOME LOVE, THEY DESERVE IT. The artist’s are NOT AFFILIATED with the story in any way, I just chose images that inspired me/went well with the story.


I’m a 25 or 26 year old (I stopped keeping track) chick from Canada. I’m a game developer, concept artist, and I guess naughty FanFic writer now too. This is definitely my biggest writing undertaking so far, and I’m learning as I go along. My writing style might (OK it will for sure) change a bit from chapter to chapter.

Don’t worry folks, I ship NaLu strict. However, this story is very adult and will include many different sexual situations and relationships. I decided to start writing this because I wanted to read something like it. I hope someone enjoys it.